Support & Maintenance

We will make sure that the existing page is fast, without any bugs, we will make it user-friendly and readable for Google robots.

We know that not everyone has the time and energy to look after and deal with their own websites, but everyone wants to make sure that these websites work as best as possible. We have the optimal solution for you – we’ll just do it for you!

We also provide you with a guarantee that in the event of any major breakdown, you can contact us immediately and we will get your service up and running again.
We provide comprehensive and on-going post-implementation services for existing websites. We will write a monthly subscription plan for you, according to which we will operate in such a way to ensure:
  • there are no malware on your website, your website will load quickly on all browsers and mobile devices,
  • the plugins work properly,
  • the content on your website looks fabulous.

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